Parents want their children to excel in every field of life. But when the child seems to progress slower than his/her age fellows, you should watch out. The child struggles with reading and avoids reading as much as she can.
If you see these signs in your child, you quickly need to find out the reason. Dyslexia is often not recognized on time. Let us dig deeper into the topic and find the causes of this condition.

What is Dyslexia?

First things first, dyslexia is defined in the following words by the International Dyslexia Association.

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is neurobiological in origin. It is characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities.

People with Dyslexia have issues in the part of the brain that develops our linguistic skills. They are less capable, as compared to other kids of the same age, in this area.

Signs of Dyslexia

If dyslexic kids are not recognized on time, and they run the risk of being humiliated for progressing slowly, they can become less confident and low-esteemed individuals of society. That is why it is important to recognize dyslexia in your child as soon as possible. Each age group shows different signs of dyslexia.

Let us address them one by one:

Preschool Stage:

If you see your kid struggling to speak while her age fellows can communicate well, your kid has shown the first sign of dyslexia. Track her to see if she shows other signs as well. If they try to speak words but often pronounce them wrong, that is another sign. Recalling words is a troublesome task for them because they often forget. They struggle to remember sequences of events and stories.

Kindergarten stage:

At the schooling stage, dyslexic kids are slow at writing as compared to fellows. When it comes to learning sequences like months of the year, they truggle to recall the order. They may tell you that letters move or dance when she tries to read. It is an evident sign of dyslexia. Dyslexic kids could struggle with learning facts, arithmetic signs, and even new skills. Never ignore these signs.

Reading child

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More steps to enhance recovery

As soon as you find your kid has dyslexia, talk to his school administration. So, they keep this in mind and do not humiliate him for slow progress. Spend time with your kid and help them read. Dyslexia is not an abnormality. Your kid can live a healthy normal life even with this condition. All you need to do is support them. Help them manage this condition by easing and facilitating them as much as you can. According to studies, 15-20% population in the world has dyslexia to some extent. It is common and manageable so never panic on discovering dyslexia in your kid.

Bottom line

Dyslexia condition is common, but if controlled on time, the child can be saved from embarrassment and low-esteem and be successful even in higher education. The failures to recognize this condition can lead to many troubling situations. So, parents should never ignore dyslexia signs in their kids. Help them mange dyslexia and live a normal life.

Adam Gustavsson

Adam founded IcanRead and is passionate about helping dyslexic children succeed