IcanRead FAQ


We have compiled the most common questions that our users have. If you don't find the answer to your question here then send an email to info@IcanRead.io. We are happy to help.

Does IcanRead work in all countries?

Yes it does. It reads over 40 languages. You can try it for free to make sure it reads in the languages you need. When you subscribe, the price will often be in US dollars, but that is just because we have not yet added local currency pricing for all countries.

Why can't I find IcanRead on the app store or Google play store?

IcanRead is a modern type of app that is called a web app. It runs directly in the browser and there is nothing to download or install. That means you can use all your storage for more valuable things like holiday pictures and selfies.

Can I still have IcanRead on my home screen with my other apps?

Yes, save to home screen after you log in on Safari ore Chrome. You will get an instruction how to do that in the app.

Is that a real person reading the text?

No but IcanRead uses the best synthetic voices available. They are based on a voice actor and uses very advanced AI so they sound just like a real person.

How does IcanRead select what text to read?

The algorithm selects the text above where you point. One line at a time is added. When there is a gap to the line above, that is larger than the previous gaps, then no more lines are added. That is how the paragraph is selected. It works well most of the time but every now and then it will not select the paragraph you intended. Tap the screen again then to stop the voice.

Can I use the tripod mode even if I don't have a tripod?

We don't recommend that. The tripod mode uses artificial intelligence to recognize a pointing finger. It was trained on images from phones in tripods. It will not reliably recognize a pointing finger if the phone is not in a tripod at a 45 degree angle. Use the handheld mode instead.

Do you save the images on your server when I read?

No, the image is never saved on our servers. We run the process to extract the text and after that the image is discarded. It is never saved on file.

Do I need an internet connection to read text?

Yes you do. The algorithms we use to extract the text is to advanced to run on your phone. The image is sent to our cloud servers for processing and the sound is returned and played on your phone.

Can I read texts when I only have mobile internet?

Yes you can. If you have a poor connection there will be a longer delay until you hear the sound. If you have limited download available each month then try to be connected to wifi when you read.

How many gigabytes of download does it take to read one text?

The image upload is about 150kB and the sound file download is 100kB-500kB large. That means that if you have 1 GB of free download then you can read at least 2000 paragraphs of text. Reading with IcanRead takes up a lot less download than watching youtube. This only matters if you are on a mobile connection. If you are on wifi it is not an issue.

Is IcanRead secure?

Very much so. When you sign up and login your data is always encrypted. The same goes with the communication to and from our cloud servers. We take security very seriously.

Do I need to enter any credit card details?

No, not while you try the app. After the free trial end you need to subscribe with a credit card, with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Are payments safe?

Yes, we work with the largest provider of secure payments in the world, Stripe. No credit card data is saved on our servers.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, just click the "Cancel your subscription here" link in the menu and no further payments will be made. Or send us a mail to info@IcanRead.io

Does IcanRead desktop work on Chromebooks?

No, currently we have support for Windows and Mac. If support for Chromebook is important to you please let us know and we will work on supporting that too.

Is there licensing for many users such as a school or other institution?

Yes, contact is at info@IcanRead.io to learn more about group licensing.

My computer asks if I trust the IcanRead desktop app because it was downloaded from the internet. What shall I do?

Yes we have opted to have the software available for download on our site. It is for your convenience. The app is secure and you will log in with your credentials when you first use it. Just chose to trust the software and run it. Sometimes you need to right-click on the Icanread Icon.

When IcanRead Desktop is running in the background on my computer I get the message "Your screen is being recorded". Why is that?

Icanread desktop uses the screen sharing function that computers provide. It is not recording your screen. When you read a text a screenshot is taken and sent to our cloud servers to extract the text. When IcanRead is in the background it is not in any way analyzing your screen.

My friend gets a voice with another accent than me when she reads text. Why is that?

IcanRead uses the language dialect you have configured your phone to use. If you configure your phone to use British English then a British voice will be used.

I cant find any setting of what language to read. Why?

IcanRead recognizes the language of the text you read and selects the correct voice. You do not need to change any setting.

Can I change the speed that the app reads at?

Yes, use the menu on the top right and drag the bar towards the rabbit to speed up and towards the tortoise to slow down.

Will you sell my data?

Absolutely not! We value your privacy and will never do anything like that. We save only a minimal amount of anonymous usage data that we need to improve the app.