About IcanRead


We are passionate about helping dyslexic people cope in life. Text is everywhere and reading is an important skill. We think that every child should practice reading and know that learning to read is possible even with dyslexia. But we also realize that it takes more mental energy to read for a dyslexic than for others. IcanRead is there to help you when your mental energy is running out. If you want to know more about IcanRead or perhaps have suggestions please email info@IcanRead.io. We love feedback.

How did IcanRead come to be?

Adam Gustavsson, the founder of IcanRead, wanted a tool for his dyslexic son. There were not any good tools on the market so he decided to create one himself. After year of development, testing and user feedback IcanRead was launched to the public in June of 2021.

What is Adams background?

Adam has studied at Swedens top technichal university, Chalmers where he has a masters degree in Computer Science and Automation. He has worked as a developer for over 10 years and has transitioned into the field of Artificial Intelligence. That gave him the skill set to develop IcanRead.

What company is behind the IcanRead App?

The company that created Icanread is based in Gothenburg Sweden. The name is Adam Gustavsson enskild firma. It is registered for VAT with the number SE740702243801. The legal adress is:

Adam Gustavsson
Mossgårdsvägen 39
433 76 Jonsered